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Taylor Swift’s ‘Seemingly Ranch’ Moment Causes Heinz To Create Custom Sauce – TODAY

How can brands turn an ordinary moment at a football game into an online sensation? Find out how Heinz and Hidden Valley Ranch creatively reacted to Taylor Swift’s snack choice, and explore how this “seemingly ranch moment” unfolded as more brands joined this viral trend across social media platforms.

Why Olaplex Created A Faux Product To Address Dupe Culture On TikTok – Retail Dive

How did Olaplex tackle TikTok’s dupe culture? The author uncovers how the brand created a fictitious product, Oladupé, to highlight the unmatched quality of its famous No. 3 Hair Perfector with the help of over 100 influencers. Check out this article for social media campaign inspiration and more importantly, expert advice on social listening.

Birkenstock Celebrates IPO With Interactive Public Parks Across NYC – Footwear News

How can a newly listed public company creatively celebrate its milestone? Birkenstock has taken creative marketing to a whole new level with its “Birkenfields,” turning NYC into public parks that encapsulate its 250-year heritage. See more details of this interactive campaign in the full article.

A Retail Brand Challenged Customers To Steal From Its Store–If They Could Outrun An Elite Sprinter – AdWeek

How far would you go to get your hands on the latest sportswear? French retailer Distance challenged customers to outrun an elite sprinter for a chance to steal from their store. Check out this bold marketing campaign and the surprising outcomes.