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Westworld’s digital marketing is giving fans sneak peeks at the show’s biggest secrets – The Verge

HBO’s hit series Westworld has created an interactive online world for hardcore fans that hints at a keyword during one of the show’s episodes. This online extension serves as the show’s viral marketing campaign to expand its narrative. It offers a backstory and insights that can’t be discovered anywhere else so dedicated fans can learn about the show’s secrets before it airs.

Source: HBO

Want More People to Pay Attention to Your Content? Neuroscience Says Do This – Inc.

Breaking through the content clutter is becoming more difficult to accomplish. If your content approach isn’t executed the right way, you won’t be effecting in reaching your target audience. According to neuroscience, interactive content should be your default as it generates heightened attention, motivation, and engagement.

Source: Inc.

What Advertising History Says About the Future of Fake News – The New York Times

Fake news has been evolving for some time now, and with the combination of microtargeting, this kind of advertising exposes people to malicious messages every year. Advertising’s past suggests that the fake news phenomenon is expected to change significantly in years to come. History also points out that the danger will likely lessen over time as society grows accustomed to the ads.

Source: The New York Times

How Marketers Can Start Integrating AI in Their Work – Harvard Business Review

A recent study found that businesses across all sectors will spend more than $100 billion per year on Artificial Intelligence (AI) by 2025. Marketing, in particular, is expected to utilize AI to be more intelligent, efficient, consumer-friendly, and effective. Currently, AI is being used in ad targeting and customer segmentation with more possibilities to be explored.

Source: Getty Images