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10 Entrepreneurs Share the Digital Marketing Trend They’re Most Excited About – Forbes

Entrepreneurs shared new digital marketing trends that will transform the industry. AI writing assistants were identified as tools that will increase content output for companies. In addition, video marketing and audio content stood out as optimal ways to engage target audiences. Given the widespread use of QR codes during Covid, innovative uses of the tool were predicted.

How Omnichannel Marketing Can Unlock Maximum Growth for Startups – Your Story

While multichannel marketing shares a campaign across multiple platforms, omnichannel marketing emphasizes cohesion. The key to optimizing an omnichannel marketing strategy involves convenience, consistency, timeliness, and transparency. Streamlining the customer experience across platforms clarifies a brand’s image.

Source: Your Story

Facebook is Now Meta, but Its Ads are as Empty as Ever – Fast Company

Meta released its first ad campaign under the new title, involving an art exhibition that comes alive. However, the ad offers little clarification of how the metaverse will operate, defaulting to catchy beats and striking visuals. Given Facebook’s history of controversy, the release of empty ads appears to be a distraction tactic. 

Source: Fast Company

What Can We Expect from Social Media Marketing in 2022? – Marketing Magazine

Filled with organic content, TikTok is slated to be the social media frontrunner in 2022. Its new creator marketplace allows brands and influencers to connect. Snapchat is integrating AR, while Instagram will release its own influencer search engine. Facebook is rolling out a Subscription function, creating VIP experiences that support creators.