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Why are brands trying so hard to be weird? – The Drum

For some time now, brands have been clever and witty through gifs, memes, and talking to us in the first person. However, it seems that brands have been trying to reach consumers in a weird way like Denny’s mocking customers who buttered their pancakes by picturing butter as a revenge-seeking butterfly. The drive behind this movement is that digital-driven satire is having a moment, and of course, it stands out.

What marketers should make of LinkedIn’s new Stories experiment – Business Insider

Last week, LinkedIn revealed that they’re testing Snapchat-style Stories and will likely test the feature with a broader group of members soon. This isn’t the first time the company has tested Stories-like formats in the past, in 2018 they tried “Student Voices” that let college students post videos to a sequential “campus playlist” displayed at the top of the mobile app. Now, Snapchat-style Stories could be a new tool for marketers to organically promote their organization and develop new leads.

Nike unveils sustainable uniforms for team USA for the 2020 Olympics – Forbes

This year for the 2020 Olympic games, Nike revealed they will be sporting athletes in their uniforms and gear with a new sustainable collection. The fabrics include polyester made from recycled plastic bottles and nylon, as well as rubber and yarn waste from Nike factories. In addition to the competition, Nike will also dress them for the medal stand and training.

Source: Nike

Facebook’s 3D Photos feature now simulates depth for any image – VentureBeat

Back in 2018, Facebook launched 3D Photos. The feature leverages depth data to create images that look flat, but that can be examined from different angles using virtual reality (VR) headsets, through Facebook on the web or Facebook’s mobile apps. This week, Facebook revealed that the 3D Photos is compatible with any modern headset with a single camera — specifically an iPhone 7 or higher or a midrange or better Android device.