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15 Examples of Emotional Marketing Brands Can Learn From – Forbes

The Forbes Communications Council highlighted the most effective emotional marketing campaigns. For instance, Cadbury remade one of its first ads featuring a woman celebrating her boyfriend’s win in a cricket game. The new ad inverted the gender roles, highlighting progress made while tapping into nostalgia.  

TikTok Launches ‘Creative Exchange’ Platform to Connect Brands with Top Creators – Social Media Today

While Instagram and YouTube offer lucrative opportunities through ad placements, the short, organic content on TikTok demands alternate marketing strategies. By launching the Creative Exchange tool, TikTok strives to help brands and creators communicate campaigns and monetize content tailor-made for the app. 

5 Things Marketers Need to Know About the Metaverse – AdAge 

Marketers have an opportunity to innovate on the new frontier of the metaverse. Understanding emerging trends in this digital world is crucial to developing an effective strategy. For example, users are increasingly purchasing virtual items and assets such as avatar clothing and NFTs. Brands can tap into already existing spaces, such as those created by video games, or create their own digital stores and festival venues.

The Difference Between Being Customer-Informed and Customer-Led – Fast Company

While being customer-informed refers to evaluating feedback in a specific area, being customer-led involves processing comprehensive input to inform business practices. Ensuring any and all customer feedback is reviewed can offer crucial insights. Customer-led businesses invest time to thoroughly consider input, understanding that it is the fiscal cornerstone.