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How Technology Is Upending The Advertising Business – Business Insider

The advertising industry is going through big changes as technology changes upend consumer habits and where and how marketers reach them. Apple and Google’s phasing out third-party cookies threatens to upend longstanding ad targeting practices. The acceleration of streaming TV has fueled the chase for TV ad dollars. The shift to online shopping has attracted new players for digital advertising.

Why Winning Brands Like Taco Bell Still Look To Agencies For Help On Culture – Marketing Dive

Mature companies face steeper challenges to growth and could need third-party expertise to connect with new audiences and pop on emerging platforms. The company’s enduring pull with consumers made its decision earlier this month to name a culture agency of record (AOR) a curious one: Why does a marketer ostensibly winning the pop culture wars — and performing well on the sales front — need additional outside help?

Image: Taco Bell

Startup Incubators Were Supposed To Be The Future Of Retail – So What Went Wrong?- The Dive

Over the last decade, consumer brands from right across the business spectrum invested in accelerator schemes and startup incubators as a path to future success. But few of them lasted more than a couple of years.

Why TikTok Is Attracting B-To-B Marketers- AdAge

Hashtags and micro-influencers can help business-to-business brands find their audience. Influencer marketing is not just for consumer brands. More b-to-b brands are finding ways to tap TikTok creators and celebrities to boost their ad campaigns and connect with new customers.

Source: QuickbooksUK, Adobe

Audio Out-Of-Home Advertising Is Reinventing Personalization- Tech Crunch

Do you remember the first time you received a personalized ad? Perhaps you discussed a product with a friend, and the next day, an advertisement for that product popped up on social media. A 2019 Accenture study found many customers felt brands communicated in a way they felt was too personal — and 71% of those customers worried how the brands had acquired personal information they hadn’t voluntarily shared.