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Who Won Cause Marketing at Super Bowl LVI? – CSQ

Following the Covid-19 pandemic and social justice movements, brands face greater pressure to communicate their values. In response to this trend, CSQ ranked Super Bowl brand ad campaigns that engaged in cause marketing. For instance, Google Pixel’s “Real Tone” ad with Lizzo addressed photo resolution issues for people of color. However, CSQ felt that the ad brushed over the broader conversation surrounding diversity and racism.

5 Digital Marketing Trends to Know for the Decade – Entrepreneur

Now that we are two years into the new decade, it’s time to take a second look at marketing trends. Blurred lines between marketing, public relations, and design departments can complicate productivity. Additional trends identified were consistent planning with long-term growth in mind.

A Neuroscientific Look at Branding – Forbes

Brains are wired to seek patterns and great branding taps into those mental models. Addressing the gap between objectivity and subjectivity in product engagement is at the crux of an effective marketing strategy. By influencing consumer beliefs in response to a brand, marketers can operate at the forefront of pattern development.

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How the Producer Economy is Changing Influencer Marketing – Marketing Dive

Given that social media platforms take nearly half of an influencer’s ad revenue, it is no wonder that they are seeking greater ownership of their work. Decentralized metrics on social channels place limits on brand insights. However, with so many components, developing a comprehensive in-house production team is not always viable.

Source: CottonBro/Pexels