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How Can Community-led Marketing Protect Or Propel A Brand Reputation? – Brand Equity

From a reputation management perspective, the article introduces different ways to build strong, supportive communities that help brands stand out in today’s competition. Check out recommendations as well as examples from Starbucks and NASA.

B2B Marketing Trends: Winning Strategies In The Coming Years – Forbes

In this article, the author shares her predictions for new trends in B2B marketing, including a discussion on the increasingly important role played by community enablers and leaders. Check out the full article to prepare your brand for the future.

10 Of The Best Social Media Marketing Strategies For Hotels – Search Engine Journal

With a focus on the hospitality industry, this article discusses several important social media strategies that increase customer loyalty over time, such as creating a greater sense of exclusivity through community engagement. 

3 TikTok Marketing Strategies Every Brand Should Embrace – Forbes

How does TikTok help companies build and engage communities, and what can retailers do to convert active users to loyal customers? This article provides the most practical strategies for marketers to grow their brands on this platform.