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Why Facebook Still Seems to Spy on You – The Wall Street Journal

Facebook has been in the line of fire to change its privacy controls. The social media company spent the majority of last year telling users and Congress that we’re in charge of our personal data and the ads we see. However, it seems that the privacy controls haven’t really changed and ad tracking is still an issue. One reporter decided to take the steps to “limit ad tracking” on Facebook, but relevant ads uncannily continued to appear. 

Starbucks’ new Roastery is an Instagram-ready spectacle – Fast Company

Starbucks’ new Tokyo location is ready for its Instagram moment. The coffee company opened its fifth Roaster, which is Starbucks’ name for its supersized stores that roast its own beans. The architect Kengo Kuma created the structure from wood and glass creating something that looks like an inverted pagoda.

Source: Fast Company

People are watching YouTubers study for hours and they say the popular trend helps them stay focused – Business Insider

Gongbang, which means “study broadcast” in Korean is trending on YouTube. This type of content is a video where people film themselves studying and preparing for an exam on camera, while YouTuber users watch and study as well. It doesn’t seem like that captivating of entertainment, but some of these YouTube videos are attracting millions of views.

Source: Business Insider

Groundbreaking Augmented Reality Fashion Show Streamed To Global Audience – Forbes

Runway fashion shows have been losing momentum in recent years, mainly due to geography. The traditional runway has limited opportunities to reach global audiences. This is about to change with augmented reality. Through an app called HoloMe, viewers are able to experience shows like the London Fashion Week on their smartphones in real-time.

Courtesy: Forbes