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Barilla’s Clever Spotify Playlists Last Exactly as Long as You Should Cook Pasta – AdWeek

Barilla, one of the world’s largest pasta producer, has finally created a solution to help people from overcooking their pasta. In partnership with Spotify, Barilla has created a series of playlists called Playlist Timers, which last how long people should cook their pasta. Each playlist is released in various musical genres and is designed to match a specific type of pasta.

Source: Barilla

The Future Of Fashion: Apparel And Luxury Brand Marketing In Post-Corona Times – Forbes

Fashion has taken a massive hit in the wake of the pandemic. People spend more time at home than ever before and are no longer prioritizing spending money on the latest trends, but rather versatile and comfortable clothes. Luxury brands are now trying to counteract this by creating an experience for consumers when they shop online through social media, chatbots, and augmented reality. Giving back the shopping experience, even a little, could be a big step towards recovering the industry this year.

Why Food Brands Are All About the Aesthetic Now – Vice

Aesthetics have always been an essential factor in branding. In particular, food brands have recently been keen on the visuals of their branding. Burger King even looks cool now with its new retro-inspired look. A recent interview with Andrea Hernandéz of Snaxshot dives into how food brands have evolved over recent years and how they can be using the look of their brands to capture new customers despite the same product.

Source: Andrea Hernández/Snaxshot

Brands Want to Tell Stories of Inclusion. Marketing Leaders Should Listen Instead. – Entrepreneur

In the age of social responsibility, many brands are grappling with taking a stand on important social issues without coming across as opportunistic or fake. The issue is that many of these brands have only now started to speak up, and for some people of those social rights groups, it is a little too late. The answer for brands is that before they can be externally supportive, they need to be internally supportive. Companies that promote these causes internally with staff and listen to the difficulty of those fighting for social rights stand to set themselves up as advocates in the long term future.

Source: Getty Images