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See where your old Ikea furniture goes to die – Fast Company

Ikea Norway’s most recent ad, “Trash Collection,” features broken and discarded Ikea furniture languishing in yards, trash heaps, and on gloomy hillsides. Then, the furniture is given a new life—repaired and placed in a showroom of its own—to illustrate how the Swedish retailer’s products can be upcycled to cut down on waste.

The new ad aims to promote Ikea’s offer to buy back furniture that customers no longer want, as well as to supply free spare parts for furniture that needs fixing. Ikea has already started similar programs in Scotland and Canada. According to Norwegian ad agency Try, more than 3 million pieces of furniture are thrown away every year in Norway.

Jordan Brand makes history by partnering with 11 emerging WNBA players – USA Today

The news comes on the heels of activism in the WNBA this season, which the statement says is in line with the Jordan brand. Adding female basketball players to the roster is part of Jordan’s commitment to “championing Black community initiatives,” and they acknowledge that their newest additions embody that ideal and applaud the players’ use of their platforms to enact change.

“We don’t just stick to our sport,” said Minnesota Lynx point guard Crystal Dangerfield. “We’re vocal in the league, as a whole, and we’re going to bring it to the community – to leave things better than we found them.”

Source: Nike

Samsung partners with Snapchat for timely AR watch simulation – The Drum

Snapchat and Samsung have teamed up to give Snapchat users the opportunity to try on the Galaxy Watch’s new wrist-tracking technology from the comfort of their own homes. This technology materializes augmented reality so that users can point the camera at their bare wrist and test out the Samsung watch.

Google’s First Retail Store is the Anti-Apple – Fast Company

Google opened their first brick-and-mortar retail store on the ground floor of their New York headquarters last Thursday. This comes well after Apple and Microsoft, two of Google’s biggest competitors, opened their many retail shops around the country. The store aims to represent what Google stands for and feels more like an interactive museum than a retail shop.

Wingstop Introduces Thighstop, A Virtual Brand That Sells Chicken Thighs – Forbes

Wingstop is famous for making chicken wings the main course, not just an appetizer. That being said, other parts of the chicken, such as the thighs, are less popular. With recent concerns over a wing shortage, Wingstop is trying to bring the buzz for chicken thighs as well.