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McDonald’s Relies on Just One Golden Arch in Latest Campaign – AdAge

McDonald’s latest campaign is stepping away from its typical branding. Without using its iconic logo and name, McDonald’s has found a way to promote itself using only one-half of its golden arch logo and the words “we deliver” for its new delivery program called “McDelivery.” And, despite the lack of clear language, it is instantly recognizable.

McDonald's ad with one golden arch inside a subway station
Source: McDonald’s

Taco Bell Joins the Chicken Wars With a New Taco – CNN Business

The chicken wars are an ongoing battle featuring many of the fast-food giants around the country. Now, Taco Bell is throwing its hat in the ring with the fried chicken taco’s launch. This latest invention is Taco Bell’s take on a fried chicken sandwich, and it is hitting stores nationwide later this year.

Taco Bell Fried Chicken Sandwich Taco
Source: Taco Bell

Happy Little Droplets: Mtn Dew Resurrects Bob Ross in ‘Lost Episode’ – The Drum

Since 1995, Bob Ross’ videos have continually circulated, but no one has attempted to bring them back until now. Mtn Dew is continuing its latest ad series with an installment featuring the famous painter Bob Ross. In partnership with the Bob Ross Foundation, Mtn Dew created a CGI version of Ross. In the ad, Ross paints his famous ‘happy little droplets,’ but instead features Mtn Dew, in which he says, “sometimes in life, you get a little thirsty,” in his recognizable voice.

Media-Commerce Convergence: Understanding the new media value chain – eMarketer

In the wake of the pandemic, we have a seen massive growth in the area of social commerce in the United States. We have seen a shift from mass media to addressable media, and that trend has created the space for social commerce to take over a larger segment of retail commerce than ever before.

Center releases 17th study on the impact of digital technology in America – Center for the Digital Future

The Center for the Digital Future has released the 2021 Digital Future Project. The report, “Surveying the Digital Future,” includes overall findings on more than 50 issues, including technology in the household, digital assistants, reliability of information online, views about mainstream media, fake news, and much more. This is the longest-running study of Americans and their behavior and views about computers and mobile technology, internet use and trust, and the effects of social media. To download the 2021 Digital Future Project, click here.