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Trend in 2022: Computer Vision Boosting Marketing Strategies – Analytics Insight

Computer vision is a type of artificial intelligence that allows systems to see and monitor visual data such as photographs and videos. This technology is not just for self-driving vehicles–it also has applications for marketing. For instance, capabilities such as searching with images can bring customers to the desired product faster. Computer vision can vet photos for social media, ranking them by aesthetic appeal. Even logo design can be delegated to AI-based services. 

Source: Analytics Insight

The 10 Most Innovative Companies in Branding in 2022 – Fast Company

When it comes to branding, some companies stand out from the rest. Chipotle released a Roblox corn maze for Halloween and awarded burritos to the first 30,000 gamers to complete it. Mindfulness app Calm brought in celebrity voices for its practices as well as releasing bedtime stories for children branded with popular movies. 

Source: Fast Company

The Digital Marketing Changes That Will Impact Your Business – Entrepreneur

Emphasis on consumer privacy has led to changes in data collection that will change the marketing game. Between Google’s withdrawal of third-party cookies and Apple’s privacy changes, marketers will need to leverage first-party data. Businesses must focus on building trust and preserving transparency when interacting with consumers. 

6 Secrets to Effective SEO Copywriting – Forbes

Website copywriting can make or break a company’s search engine rankings. Best practices include keeping the buyer persona in mind, using keyword research tools to identify hot topics, and monitoring competitors. Be sure to include internal and external links in your copy. Try to get larger websites to backlink to your content for a ranking boost. Tie it all together with a final call to action, such as a free trial or downloadable guide.