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Exploring Fashion’s Next Frontier: Hotels – Forbes

Get ready to engage today’s experience-driven consumers with cross-industry collaborations. With examples ranging from Kenny Flowers’ tropical-themed collection at Mauna Kea Beach Hotel to Stella and Mary McCartney’s immersive dining experience at Rosewood London, the author analyzes how these partnerships benefit both fashion brands and hotels. 

Why A Bagel Shop’s Brand Partnerships Keep Going Viral – PR Week

PopUp Bagels has distinguished itself in a competitive market by pushing flavor boundaries and forming unexpected collaborations. This article dissects the brand’s unique approach, which not only delights customers but also generates significant brand buzz far beyond New York City. 

The ‘Unhinged’ Product Mashups That Sell Out In Hours – BBC

The author dives into several unconventional brand collaborations and discusses why they are captivating today’s novelty-obsessed consumers. From Kraft Heinz to Crocs, discover the key campaign components that have driven the success of these brands’ unexpected mashups. 

Pringles & Caviar: The Unlikeliest Brand Collaborations Often Work The Best – The Drum

This article highlights the success of surprising collaborations, using the Pringles and The Caviar Co. partnership as a prime example. Besides real-world cases, check out the author’s recommendations for unexpected pairings that enhance brand visibility and boost sales.