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What is a Content Marketing Matrix & Do We Need One? – Search Engine Journal

Content marketing matrices are visual planning tools that give a birds-eye view of content strategy. While there are multiple ways to arrange it, starting with an x-axis ranging from awareness to action and a y-axis ranging from rational to emotional. Then fill in quadrants with goals like entertainment, inspiration, education, and enlightenment. Before releasing content, consider where it falls on your matrix. 

Looking Ahead: 9 Trends That Will Steer Marketing in 2022 – Marketing Dive

Before constructing a New Year’s resolution for companies marketing strategy, consider emerging trends that may influence its success. For instance, after two years in the pandemic consumers are seeking utilitarian rather than exclusively empathetic communication from brands. Businesses should incorporate short videos into their strategy as the medium continues to dominate. 

Source: Dia Dipasupil

6 Red-Hot Influencer Marketing Predictions for 2022 – Forbes

With influencer partnerships on the rise, it’s time to consider them as part of your marketing strategy. Keep in mind consumers’ preference for authentic rather than stiffly scripted messages. While working with influencers, consider their brand and be flexible. Reach out to influencers who meet specific criteria for optimization. 

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The Best Marketing Email Examples for Small Businesses – TechRadar

Perfect email marketing by considering various styles. For instance, visual emails use imagery and design to catch eyes, while supportive emails offer tangible solutions to consumer needs. Outlining and tracking metrics, such as click-through and conversion rates will help measure campaign success. 

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