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20 years ago, the dot-coms took over the Super Bowl – Fast Company

Super Bowl commercials in 2000 were the highlight of the dot-com era.,,,, and were some of the 17 websites that took over the big game ads that year. The internet arrived and the first major brands born online were getting their first taste of mainstream marketing’s highest peak.

With an influencer advisory board, Clorox is changing up its YouTube advertising strategy – Digiday

The Clorox Company is building an influencer advisory council. Hundreds of influencers will be included in the council, which aims to better understand the type of content that will capture its audiences. Most importantly, the new council wants to ensure its YouTube content, along with its general content is “more human, more authentic and less obvious in its approach towards driving demand.”

Source: Clorox

5 ways marketing will change in 2020 – Entrepreneur

This year, you can expect AI, chatbots, and more visual content to be leading changes in the marketing industry. In 2019, AI made a large increase in developments, so we can only expect this to accelerate and shape the user experience. The rise in chatbot marketing will continue to grow, as more users are communicating via messaging apps. In addition, with people watching more and reading less, visual and purposeful content will be a huge marketing driver.

Fortnite is holding a TikTok dance contest to find the next great emote – The Verge

Epic recently kicked off a weeklong contest asking TikTok users to create Fortnite’s next emote. The contests will award in-game prizes to someone who posts an original dance move to TikTok along with the hashtag “#EmoteRoyaleContest.” The winning move will be added into the video game as a new emote for Fortnite characters to use in celebration.

Source: Epic