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Too Many Black Friday Email Offers? Some Brands Might Consider A New Approach – Marketing Brew

This article explores why many brand promotions may be missing the mark with overwhelming holiday marketing emails. Discover insights from industry experts on the importance of strategic, personalized email campaigns and how brands like Patagonia are taking unique approaches to stand out from the Black Friday frenzy. 

8 Simple Email Marketing Tips To Improve Your Open And Click-Through Rates – Entrepreneur

Here is the content marketer’s guide for elevating your email strategy. Discover how simple changes, from template design to audience segmentation, can significantly boost engagement and ROI. 

Perfect Timing: The Very Best Time To Send Email Newsletters – Wordstream

When is the best time to push out your e-newsletter? The author shares her thoughts on the ideal days and hours for your future sendout, the impact of audience demographics, and more importantly, why the conventional wisdom may not always apply.

Image Source: Wordstream

How To Develop A Content Strategy – Business News Daily

Content is king when it comes to email marketing. Make your emails stand out and drive business growth with these essential tips on crafting a powerful strategy.