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Top YouTube Marketing Trends You Should Already Be Using in 2022 – AdWeek

Tap into YouTube’s diverse audience by creating short-form content. YouTube Shorts are skyrocketing in popularity, so vertical content production is a no-brainer. Live streaming, especially with influencer partnerships, may also prove effective. Take advantage of Video Chapters, which help viewers navigate content and benefits SEO. Invest in customer relations through the Community tab. 

10 Tips for Startup Leaders to Improve Public Relations Efforts – Forbes

Investing in the local community is a great way to kickstart PR efforts. Pinpoint specific client success stories to share the product’s impact. Sharing a brand origin story can help consumers resonate with the company’s core values and vision. Share speaking opportunities, articles, and conferences with your brand’s social following to foster its role as an industry leader. 

Gen Z TikTok Brands are Changing How We Shop – Vogue Business

TikTok allows creators to showcase their creative processes, offering a more personalized view into brand development. By placing personality at the core of branding, TikTok-savvy businesses are able to flourish. Transitioning the focus from consumer-oriented products to creation for its own sake and the benefit of the designer’s community is central.

Why It’s a Bad Idea for Startups to Make Their Branding Distinctive – Fast Company

Studies reveal a preference for simpler business experiences. This insight should inform how startups approach branding. Keeping designs simple offers a margin for flexibility and change in a dynamic market. Plus, it’s far more affordable.