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YouTube, Under Fire, Considers Major Changes to Kids’ Content – The Wall Street Journal

Over the years, YouTube has turned into a media giant. Discussions of altering YouTube’s infrastructure over the boundaries of children’s content has recently come to light. Executives are considering moving children’s content to a separate app, removing the auto-play feature to help protect young viewers. It could be a risky move for the company, as children’s video are some of the most popular on YouTube and carry millions of dollars in advertising.

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Slack Wants to Replace Email. Is That What We Want? – The New York Times

Whether or not we like it, Slack has made its way into practically everyone’s business communication channels. The company is valued at more than $7 billion and plans to go public this week. They claim to have more than 10 million daily users and aims to be the answer to flooded inboxes everywhere. Chat apps are on their way to replacing office replies and forward, but the question is if corporate culture is ready for this change.

Michelob Ultra turns Father’s Day tributes on Instagram into real cards – Mobile Marketer

This past Father’s Day, Michelob Ultra decided to make the day a little extra special for Fathers. They decided to help Instagram users celebrate their dads by turning #FathersDay posts into real postcards and sending them to Fathers. The campaign was driven by the gap between the 8.5 million #FathersDay posts on Instagram and the 1.6 million dads who actually use the image-sharing app.

Source: Michelob Ultra

Marketing Is All About Moments; Don’t Wait For Them, Create Them – Forbes

As marketers, trying to figure out the next best way to reach and target consumers is always top of mind. Companies are still relying on traditional campaign strategies to connect with audiences when they should use a new approach: moments-based marketing. Consumers live moment to moment, so marketers need to be there right along with them and adopt technology that allows them to live in the moment too.

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