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By The Pollack Group

The recent expansion of the agency’s LAB186 digital practice, coupled with our overall services portfolio, has afforded us the platform to apply a holistic approach to client solutions, where we can fine-tune campaigns, productions, and messaging by analyzing data at all consumer touchpoints. Its digital service offerings which range from high-end content creation in video, graphic design, and web development, to lead generation, digital marketing strategies, SEO/SEM, and automation. With LAB186, we can micro-adjust strategies throughout a content marketing cycle. As an example, for a beauty products client, we have spearheaded their paid social marketing campaign efforts, where we have control of the social campaign as well as the creative that drives it. We can now quickly adjust and A/B test messaging and creatives rapidly throughout the campaign. We are also creating video assets for this client, which will be used in online and future campaigns, ensuring consistency of messaging, brand identity, voice, and style.