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By The Pollack Group

See How the Agency Conducted Proactive and Timely Local Media Outreach for Cleantech Client EutroPHIX

Lady Bird Lake, nestled in the heart of Austin, Texas, has long been cherished as a natural gem and picturesque local recreation site by locals and visitors, alike. However, in recent years, the lake has faced the growing menace of harmful bluegreen algae (HABs), threatening its ecosystem and the health of the surrounding community.

In a bid to address this pressing issue, EutroPHIX, the water quality task force of national cleantech leader SePRO, has spearheaded an innovative treatment campaign utilizing its new technology, EutroSORB G. The collaboration between EutroPHIX and The Pollack Group resulted in a surge of earned media coverage, generating significant awareness about this environmental issue and the action that EutroPHIX has taken in collaboration with local authorities.

Understanding the need to create local awareness and amplify EutroPHIX’s Lady Bird Lake treatment in a short time frame, The Pollack Group secured interest from numerous local broadcast stations and editorial media outlets, including KXAN News, CBS Austin, Austin American-Statesman, and Community Impact.

Harnessing the voices of scientific experts from the EutroPHIX team, The Pollack Group carefully crafted key messages to address the concerns of the local community, highlighting the collaborative efforts between EutroPHIX and local stakeholders and the efficacy of the EutroSORB G technology. Additionally, The Pollack Group framed its media messaging around “The EutroPHIX Approach” in mitigating excessive phosphorous, the root cause of the harmful algae, to restore the lake ecosystem.

These efforts resulted in over 240 million earned media impressions and over 1.4 million social media impressions.

The successful deployment of EutroSORB G marks a significant milestone in the continued battle against HABs in Lady Bird Lake. By combining scientific expertise and strategic communication, The Pollack Group set the stage for upcoming treatments from the EutroPHIX team throughout the summer in Austin and across the country.