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By The Pollack Group

Growing almonds in California is hard enough as it is – with heavy droughts, uncertain water levels, and more dramatic temperature fluctuations due to climate change– but throw nematodes and other parasites into the mix, and California almond farmers have some problems to tackle. So, Bayer Corporation, the US subsidiary of Bayer AG, partnered with Netafim USA on a rebate campaign to incentivize California almond farmers to utilize nematicide Velum® One and Netafim USA’s precision drip irrigation technology in their farms.

The project went through various stages of development and approval before launching in late 2021 as a website, where prospective almond farmers can sign up to learn more about the rebate program. This means that the website needs to provide:
1. Easy-to-digest information about the program and what the farmer needs to know.
2. Facts about Velum One and the damage caused by nematodes on almond orchards.
3. Information about Netafim USA drip irrigation products for pest control and fertigation.

The Pollack Group’s LAB186 digital marketing and content production studio designed a website with the domain to house pertinent information from Bayer and Netafim into one cohesive design. The website needed to be informative, easy to navigate, mobile-optimized, and the lead generation form needed to be easy to find and simple to fill out.

The website platform was not only optimized for quick loading and responsive displays, but the lead capture form utilizes the team’s Oracle Eloqua CRM system for instant lead ingestion and follow-up. Along with website analytics ready at the site’s launch, lead form event triggers further enable the team to target and optimize social marketing toward users that are most likely to fill out the lead form, increasingly optimizing the search engine marketing campaign.

The result is a website with a clear flow for new users to learn more about the campaign made in collaboration between two major agriculture companies, targeting California almond farmers.