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In a heartfelt tribute to the enduring legacy of the legendary Payne Stewart, the agency partnered with client, Mike Flaskey Entertainment to present the inaugural Payne Stewart Invitational. This prestigious charity golf event, set against the backdrop of the lush Floridian National Golf Club, united sports and entertainment luminaries for a cause close to the heart. Taking place on December 3-4, 2023, in Palm City, Florida, the event welcomed icons including 8-time NBA All-Star Vince Carter, two-time U.S. Open champion Lee Janzen, country music star Chris Lane, and World Series hero Justin Verlander, all swinging in solidarity.

Each stroke, each putt, and each round went beyond the game – driving for a brighter future for our children. The event raised over $140,000 to support the event’s sole beneficiary, The Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation, a non-profit organization that embodies the spirit of inclusivity and empowerment, offering young aspirants ages 4-9 nationwide the tools and guidance to foster their game and character. The event pledged that every net dollar raised would champion the next generation of golfers, honoring Payne Stewart’s vision of integrating sport, values, and learning.

The agency supported media relations outreach to promote the first-year event, pitching golf, local, and philanthropic media outlets and securing an exclusive story with Forbes announcing the event. The agency team also deployed its digital storytelling expertise including: designing the event’s logo, developing the Invitational’s visual branding, building and designing a user-friendly event website, and creating and executing an attention-grabbing organic social media and content creation strategy.

Our social media team was actively engaged at the Floridian National Golf Club to document the Payne Stewart Invitational. We captured compelling live footage and conducted interviews including interviews with Aaron Stewart, son of the late Payne Stewart, Payne Stewart Kids Golf Foundation CEO Kelly McCammon, and with celebrities including Carter, Lane and Verlander, and the late Stewart’s one-time professional golf colleagues including Janzen and British Open Champion Mark Calcavecchia. The captured content was crafted into dynamic social media posts to amplify the event’s reach. This content serves a dual purpose: to enhance the promotion of upcoming events and to narrate the profound influence of Payne Stewart on golf, reflecting his legacy both in play and through his enduring community impact.

The results.

The event amassed over 2 million impressions through a blend of earned organic social media reach and user-generated content, a testament to the widespread engagement and resonance of the cause. Our content captivated audiences with over 73,500 video views, and we saw a surge of interaction with more than 2,200 social media engagements, alongside nearly 2,000 visits to the event’s dedicated website.

But beyond the numbers, the event was a unifying force in the golf world, celebrating a legend’s legacy and, more importantly, raising a substantial six-figure sum. The financial impact translates directly into opportunity and support for countless young golfers who dream of walking the fairways. The funds raised will empower them to chase their dreams with the same spirit that Payne Stewart brought to the game, ensuring that his legacy continues to inspire and shape the future of golf.

Plan to be there at the 2024 Payne Stewart Invitational.