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By The Pollack Group

In the world of digital events, where innovation meets impact, one event stood out this summer: the Latino Donor Collaborative’s (LDC) LinkedIn Live announcement of its new five-year research partnership with Arizona State University (ASU). In an age where every organization is fighting for the digital limelight, what made this event especially successful? Let’s go behind the scenes.

The Challenge

Summer Fridays are typically a time for rest, relaxation, and perhaps a bit of sun. But scheduling conflicts meant we had to attract attendees to join an online event late in the afternoon on August 25. The challenge? Make the announcement engaging, informative, and impactful.

Strategies That Delivered Success

1. Platform Precision: Our agency’s preferred third-party livestream platform is Restream. It’s affordable, user-friendly, and employing a team member to serve as stage manager allowed for a smooth broadcast despite having several speakers throughout the hour-long event.

2. Dazzling Digital Content: To generate buzz leading up to the event, TPG rolled out an array of digital assets. From custom invites to attention-grabbing graphics, every piece played a role in building anticipation. The incorporation of dynamic motion graphics helped elevate the event, helping capture attention and sustain engagement.

3. Seamless Execution: During the event, a dedicated production team managed the entire show from the Restream studio platform. From executing the run of show to handling technical nuances and monitoring audience questions, TPG handled the event with expertise and efficiency.

4. Impressive Lineup: The event featured prominent figures like LDC Chairman of the Board Sol Trujillo, ASU President Michael M. Crow, LDC CEO and President Ana Valdez and several other renowned industry experts. Their insights provided credibility and depth to the event, ensuring attendees received value for their time.

The Result

The event was a resounding success. The professional execution, combined with strategic promotion, brought in a significant number of engaged participants, and set a benchmark for future online discussions.