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By Will Ostedt

There are two types of marketers in the world, those with content and those with stuff.

If you are a brand marketer, then you probably have more stuff than you have content. Inside every piece of stuff there is a piece of content trying to get out.

Here are a few ways to turn your stuff into content.

Inject some style

Just like a cheese injected into a pizza crust, a little style injected into your stuff will make for some tasty content. Use custom photo filters, editing treatments, font styles, etc. to create some consistency in the way your content looks. Choose styles according to the type of content you are showcasing. Thematic styles can be grouped according to products, lifestyles, seasons, holidays, or whatever you decide is important as a brand. Over time, your audience will recognize your different, but consistent styles. But, make sure to keep it fresh and use different styles according to the type of content and the message you are trying to convey.

Hug it out!

Ok, you better sit down for this one. It’s not always good to be so authentic. You are not just some schmo taking iPhone videos and posting them on your social media channel hoping to get noticed.  You are a brand with a purpose! Celebrate the authentic content you create yourself or receive from others by owning it. Create a few standard intro and outros with simple graphics that you can then use to bookend the content you receive. In doing so, you are able to brand the content without tainting its authenticity.  It’s like your brand is hugging the authentic content.  

Quit showing your product

The shocking truth is that your audience cares about how your product makes their life better. Try showing your product in the scenarios where it might be used as a solution. Less product and more people always result in more relating and more engagement.

Get moving

There is a reason they say video is king, because it gets your attention. But, what do you do with stuff that doesn’t move? Make it move. If you are handy with photoshop then you should be able to isolate the layers in your photo and add some movement to your photos. It takes a little skill, but once learned it will add a whole new eye-catching dimension to your static images.

Get some help

Modern technology has made it possible for even the absolute worst photographer and video taker to make their stuff look like content. There are a few apps that every content creator should have on their phone. Here’s a few that will help you turn your stuff into content:

Snapseed: Easy photo editing with some cool light effects

SuperimposeX: Combine photos, photo masking, add text and a whole lot more.

ImgPlay: Make GIFs and post easily.

Now go get your stuff together and start creating content.