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A look at behind-the-scenes agency work, showcasing social media storytelling and industry insights surrounding CMP’s industry-leading Customer Contact Week event series.

In the industry of customer experience, one event reigns supreme – Customer Contact Week (CCW). Produced and hosted by market intelligence firm Customer Management Practice (CMP), CCW is the ultimate gathering for CX experts and enthusiasts worldwide. CCW’s flagship event, CCW Las Vegas, prepared for its 25th anniversary in June 2023, with the support of the agency that unleashed an organic social media and content creation campaign to amplify the visibility of the world’s largest customer contact event series.  With on-site agency professionals, we sought out the attention of the more than 4,000 attending customer contact professionals.

The agency’s social media team developed plans that emphasized high-quality, social-first photography and video. The team coordinated and scheduled on-site video interviews with key CMP leadership and speaker personalities, and primed CCW’s online audiences with extensive pre-event social media promotion.

The agency’s social team captured extensive b-roll of the on-site Expo Hall and numerous keynotes and breakout sessions. The team filmed interviews with speakers Gold Medalist Abby Wambach, America’s Got Talent Alum, motivational speaker Jon Dorenbos, and former Taco Bell CEO Mark King. We implemented an on-site social media plan, while staying agile for every content capture opportunity.

Between emotionally uplifting stories, to an unexpected appearance by actor Terry Crews, we made sure that there wasn’t a single moment unnoticed or unamplified. In tracking content engagement and user-generated content from attendees, the heart of CCW’s story became clear.  It was all about these professionals’ passion and the community they built alongside each other. The impact was tangible, with nearly 100,000 earned engagements, 350 new followers and 28,900 contact engagements.

Subsequently, we continued to tell the story of Customer Contact Week’s regional events in Nashville, Tennessee and Austin, Texas. We added to the narrative, sharing stories, insights, and behind-the-scenes glimpses with the growing audiences across all social channels.

The live-event social media coverage sparked conversations and connected the CCW community, facilitating offline-to-engagement interactions. On LinkedIn and Instagram, the content connected with followers and on-site attendees, driving engagement, and building buzz around the event year-round.

The numbers paint a vivid picture – from January 2023 to January 2024, the CCW LinkedIn account witnessed a 40% increase in followers, alongside a 57% surge in content engagements spanning from CCW Las Vegas in June 2023 to CCW Austin in January 2024. Simultaneously, the CMP LinkedIn account saw substantial growth, with a 61% rise in followers over a 15-month period. The social media program generated over $524,400 in ad equivalency value over the course of the three events, with the efforts showcasing a thriving online community of CX professionals, helping to position Customer Contact Week as the premier destination.

As we gear up for CCW Las Vegas 2024, we are excited to showcase stories of inspiration, innovation, and industry excellence through social media and digital marketing to amplify the narratives of live-events and the vibrant communities that emerge within them.