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With collaborations and new retail concept, H&M’s starting to inch beyond fast fashion – Glossy

A front-runner in the fast fashion, H&M is trying to shift away from the “fast” in fast fashion. The multinational clothing-retail company is reinventing its image by partnering with top designers – three new collaborations are set-up for this year. All of this comes as H&M released its “Conscious” Fall collection, which is made from recycled polyester, wool, and other materials from recycled plastics.

Google Is Teaching Children How to Act Online. Is It the Best Role Model? – The New York Times

Google has revealed a digital-citizenship education program called “Interland” specifically developed for students from third to sixth grade. The message behind the game is “Be Internet Awesome,” and includes lessons of a cartoon game branded with Google’s logo to guard against schemers and hackers. The tech giant plans to reach five million students with the program this year.

Source: The New York Times

Girlboss Plans New Social Network for Women Entrepreneurs – The Wall Street Journal

Media company Girlboss, who targets women entrepreneurs, plans to launch a paid, professional social-networking site called Girlboss Collective in January. Girlboss’ chief executive believes LinkedIn hasn’t progressed to fit the professional networking needs of young women, therefore, Girlboss Collective will be designed with women in mind, but open to people of any gender. Membership charge is still being settled but is likely to be less than $15 a month.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Why Millennials Need VR – Forbes

Millennials are America’s largest generation, socially conscious, and tech-savvy. In addition to having a huge buying power, millennials present brands with a great marketing opportunity due to their diverse generational span. But there is one common thread – millennials love technology and embrace virtual reality. It’s shown that millennials are twice as likely to purchase a VR headset than their generational peers.

Source: Forbes