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By The Pollack Group

An estimated 4.5 million U.S. homes are at a high or extreme risk of wildfire, and many of those homes are currently without or unable to secure fire insurance due to their high-risk locations. Jackson Hole, Wyoming-based Frontline Wildfire Defense Systems (FWDS), with their innovative system, is now giving homeowners a way to proactively defend their home and property from wildfires. When activated, the system delivers a coating of biodegradable, fire retardant foam that protects homes from catching on fire.

The Goals

As part of its expansion into the California market, FWDS worked with the agency’s LAB186 digital marketing and content creation team to upgrade the design, messaging and functionality of the company’s website. This was done in order to improve FWDS’ user interface (UI) and user-experience (UX), increase its search rankings, and funnel prospects through the sales process.

The Process

Following a comprehensive audit of the existing website, the LAB186 team determined that immediate improvements were needed in the layout and flow of information so as to keep prospects engaged. The messaging on all pages was changed to provide simplified answers to the most common questions asked by prospects:

     • What Is It?
     • How Does It Work?
     • Will It Work For Me?

Throughout the process, the team focused on making changes that contributed to the website’s role as a tool in the sales process, and not as a tool for the sales process.

The team recognized that the website needed to play the role of satisfying prospects during the hunting and gathering information stage and then lead them to the next step of speaking with their local FWDS representative about their specific situation. Every change and addition to the website was checked to make sure it contributed to the overall objective of furthering prospects along towards conversion. In doing so, careful attention was taken to maintain search engine rankings related to their blog traffic as well as enhance the sections of the existing website that were already delivering.

The Results

Launched in July, the new site saw an increase in site performance and visitor retention within the first 30 days, including:

     • 100% improvement in site performance
     • 447% increase in conversions (number of visitors filling out the “contact me” form)
     • 35% reduction in exit percentage
     • 18% reduction in bounce rate

The improvements are seen not only in the new website’s analytics, but also by the FWDS sales team, who reports an increase in the number of prospects who have been to the website and have said that they now have a better understanding of how the system works — ahead of speaking with a FWDS sales representative.

Check out FWDS website pages, before and after the updates:

Homepage: Before and After
How It Works: Before and After