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How to Avert a Branding Identity Crisis – Fast Company

Rebranding should go beyond the surface-level items of a sleek new website, refined logo design, or pithy messaging. Instead, it should be the outgrowth of internal changes in the company, signaling genuine transformation and adaptation to the times. Be sure words match actions when rebranding – authenticity is crucial.

Source: Fast Company

Tips to Dominate TikTok: Pioneering the Internet’s New Way of Marketing – Forbes

Although TikTok is often thought of as a platform geared toward teenagers, more than half its users are above age 19. As a result, TikTok offers a unique opportunity to develop personalized messaging for consumers, sharing the brand origin story, success testimonials, and explainer videos. Rather than focus on creating viral content, aim to cultivate an engaged and avid community.

A 7-Step SEO Process for Long-Term Search Success – Search Engine Journal

Revamp your SEO process with content and technical audit that identifies pain points and low-traffic pages. Then, take steps to improve page speed and user experience to reduce bounce rates. Next, use research tools and conduct competitor research to identify high-value keywords. Finally, publish content with the target audience in mind.

Source: Search Engine Journal

5 Marketing Tactics You Can Do Even Before You Have a Product – Inc.

Even if your brand has only entered the product development stage, there are tangible steps to kickstart your marketing strategy. First, measure market demand and begin building a social media following. Release content relevant to the industry and interview thought leaders in the field. Network with journalists on social media in preparation for launch day.