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By The Pollack Group

SodaStream, the No. 1 sparkling water brand in the world, has become synonymous for disruptive marketing video campaigns and its 2018 April Fools’ video, “SodaSoak” follows suit. The prank product infomercial is a parody on itself, featuring Shahs of Sunset Reality Star, Reza Farahan, and Game of Thrones, Thor Bjornsson, aka The Mountain, making a cameo appearance. In a wink to American Retail Partner Bed, Bath & Beyond, a retailer that purportedly features the product “SodaSoak”, the satire video presumes that the add-on installation enables consumers to carbonate their bath and can be “purchased” as such.  The script serves-up a perfect cacophony of absurd situations and humorous scenes: from Reza Farahan emerging from a strawberry filled tub in a suit, to Thor Bjornsson enjoying his bubbles in ecstasy. 

The results of the national media coverage was blown out of the “water” literally — with 238 pieces of media coverage, totaling 9,814,131,665 impressions. And counting.