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By The Pollack Group

Client SodaStream took over NYC’s Flatiron Plaza with its anti-plastic bottle pollution installation of “Drowning Liberty,” showcasing a 20-foot replica of the Statue of Liberty drowning in single-use plastic bottles.

SodaStream, in partnership with Oceanic Society, created a 20-foot replica of the Statue of Liberty, showing it trapped inside a steel structure packed with single-use plastic bottles. The installation “Drowning Liberty” called for customers to sign its Sustainability Pledge, which asked all to promise to decrease their contribution to global plastic pollution and switch to reusable bottles. In addition to the installation, SodaStream designed a limited edition “Be the Change” carbonating bottle, for use in making sparkling water at home, which features a drawing of the Earth and reminds users they should choose to “Love the World,” “Reduce their Ecological Footprint,” and “Reuse.”