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By The Pollack Group

The Pollack Group (TPG) has been retained by Exokinetics, the maker of Zeen, a revolutionary new mobility device that helps restore the joys of daily life for those whose age or medical conditions restrict their mobility, in order to raise awareness for what the Patent Office calls an ‘Elevating Walker Chair, which aids in sitting, standing, strolling, coasting, exercising, and more.

Created by the Hall-of-Fame Inventor of the Steadicam®, Garrett Brown and partners at Exokinetics, Zeen is a state-of-the-art mobility technology designed for those battling age, injury, or chronic diseases.

The Zeen uses zero-gravity technology to support an individual’s full body weight from beneath so the individual can move at their own natural pace without fatigue in a way that keeps the user’s hands and arms free. With constant safe support and the ability to either move or rest, Zeen helps put people back in control of their lives. Zeen was built on the belief that age, injury, or illness should not mean an end to autonomy, independence, and dignity. The lightweight, foldable Zeen uses proprietary lifting and caster technology to help get people up and about and moving with confidence.

“Garrett is an exceptional inventor, visionary, and has revolutionized and disrupted multiple industries and, in some cases, changed them forever,” said Stefan Pollack, President of The Pollack Group. “Working in partnership with Garrett and his team, we are excited to help millions of impacted people rediscover the joy of flexible mobility. This will be some of the most rewarding work we have done in our more than three decades of helping bring amazing and innovative products to market.”

Pre-adjusted with one’s inseam length and desired amount of lift, the Zeen effortlessly raises to standing, walking, and ‘barstool’ heights and gently lowers to become a comfortable chair. As such  rehabbing disabled, or geriatric persons can be safely on their feet and even transition to coasting (or ‘Zeening’) while the saddle/seat-belt combo, helps greatly reduce the risk of falls. Zeening’ can help people stay active and encourage overall wellness. Studies show that being upright is beneficial for cardiac, circulatory, muscular, digestive, and even psychological fitness, since one can remain comfortably eye-to-eye in social situations.

“Mobility devices don’t need to look like medical equipment,” said Inventor Garrett Brown. “Zeen is designed to lift and support a person’s full body weight, so it allows people to move at their own natural pace without fatigue and frees up their hands and arms for lifestyle tasks. With Zeen, one can safely move and rest whenever they want, so they can stay out longer, go further, and move faster – or linger over conversation later.”

Adds Brown, “Mobility devices don’t need to look like medical equipment.  Zeen was created to be stylish and pleasing in design and function; and ‘Zeening’ can help users stay active and encourage overall wellness.”