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By The Pollack Group

The Pollack PR Marketing Group (PPMG) announced today that the agency has been selected by Frontline Wildfire Defense System (Frontline) to support its entry into the Southern California marketplace.

Through years of research and development, Frontline has developed a unique approach to wildfire protection, offering a first line of defense to protecting property against the damaging effects of wildfire. Frontline Wildfire Defense System is a fire protection system that is architecturally incorporated into a home or business and when activated coats the structure and its surrounding landscape with Class A, biodegradable foam that effectively protects the structure from wildfire.

The agency’s LAB186 digital marketing and content creation team will focus on upgrading the design and functionality of Frontline’s web presence to meet the needs of consumers. It will be geared to improving the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) with the goal of increasing organic search rankings. Additionally, the upgrade will aim to deploy online, social paid advertising and a paid search program to drive qualified traffic and place Frontline on top of all relevant search results. All efforts will work in coordination with Google ads to target and retarget prospects to educate and drive awareness to support lead generation activities.

“Following the recent devastation from last year’s statewide wildfires, the opportunity to play a vital role in Frontline’s expansion into the Southern California market is especially gratifying, as we head into the heart of wildfire season,” said Stefan Pollack, President of PPMG. “We look forward to collaborating with Frontline to help raise awareness for Frontline’s unique approach to wildfire protection offering a first line of defense to protecting property against the damaging effect of wildfire.”