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Six Things That Only Influencers Can Offer Your Business – Forbes

Social media influencers have been making waves in the world of digital marketing. If you’re still questioning the importance of influencers, these six unique benefits will change your mind.

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In The Age Of Screen Time, Is Paper Dead? – NPR

Advances in technology are ever-changing, especially when these screens are pushed into schools. So, what does this mean for old school plain paper? In many ways, paper is essential for productive learning in today’s society.

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New Trends in Digital Advertising – Business World

Digital media’s pertinent role in promoting brands and businesses is evolutionary. In time, comes new trends and strategies to maximize a company’s recognition. Check out the latest trends in digital advertising.  

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Snapchat targets college newspapers – Business Insider

Recently, the duplication of Snapchat’s features from other social platforms has created pressure amongst the competition. To become a stronger news platform, Snapchat will partner with U.S. colleges to highlight the school’s newspaper in Snapchat Discover.

Even more US adults now getting news from social media, says Pew – TechCrunch

Many U.S. adults are as keen on technology usage as their millennial children. However, a new study shows that there has been an increase in adults sourcing their news through digital media platforms.

Source: TechCrunch

Adobe Wants to Bring Digital Marketing to Your Car – Bloomberg

Adobe has conquered digital marketing on computers and smartphones. Now, it wants to tackle your car. This new move puts Adobes’ services at the forefront of competition bringing new features to your automobile.

The iPhone X is designed for a generation of selfie takers – Circuit Breaker

The biggest news from Apple’s Keynote this week was the highly
anticipated iPhone X. This electrifying device represents ‘the future of the
smartphone’ improving daily social interactions – especially benefitting young
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