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Learn how the agency and Tipico created a new industry standard to reinforce the importance of trust with bettors.

The evolution of online sports betting has led to an industry crossroads. The challenge for sportsbooks in 2024 is not only to acquire new customers, but to retain them, earning their loyalty to become their preferred platform.

With this in mind, The Pollack Group created a forward-thinking, holistic initiative aptly named the Fair Play Pledge (the Pledge) for Tipico Sportsbook. In a market muddled with misleading and overly promotional offers and intricate terms and conditions, the Pledge was created to establish trust with customers, help them maintain full control of their bets, and incorporate safety and clarity into everything Tipico does. It is the U.S. sportsbook industry’s first initiative that rewards, educates, and protects customers under one umbrella.

Once the platform was conceived, it required a compelling narrative. The messaging needed to be void of industry jargon and connect directly with customers authentically. By working with Tipico to develop the Pledge’s foundational pillars, the agency developed an external outreach effort for Tipico to communicate about its new platform across its UX and marketing channels. The outreach included earned media, executive thought leadership, and internal and stakeholder communications.

By harnessing the voices of Tipico’s executive leaders, the agency secured earned coverage with overwhelmingly positive sentiment. The Fair Play Pledge was described as “shockingly simple and clear” (Sports Handle), a “departure from conventional norms” (Gambling News) and a platform that “provides immediate information about what a bet entails” (Campaign US).

Tipico was able to outmaneuver the competition and punch above its weight in an industry that is dominated by publicly traded competitors. With its new Fair Play Pledge platform, Tipico clearly demonstrates the value customers receive in every interaction and with every bet they place. Tipico has created transformational value in the marketplace, creating a leadership platform that is essential to building audience trust and confidence for all future initiatives, partnerships, and promotions.