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“The Pollack Group did an outstanding PR job for us. They mastered the complex biofuels arena in short order. They are prompt. They are creative … offering us many affordable, “out of the box” PR opportunities. They are adaptable … we had to quickly change approaches several times during the engagement … they were patient — and effective — with these near constant changes. Above all, the Pollack team will tell you the truth … not just what you want to hear. They are complete pros. ”

VP Marketing, Altra Biofuels

When Altra Biofuels, an ethanol and biofuel startup, began operating in this crowded sector, its founders and backers knew that it had to gain credibility and build a positive reputation quickly to secure a leadership position in this space.

We focused on Altra’s senior executives, positioning them as credible sources for commentary and predictions about the alternative energy sector—as well as about legislative news that affected the industry. We targeted national media outlets to drive coverage of Altra’s achievements, including its acquisition of existing biofuel production facilities, ground-breaking at new facilities, expanded production for energy plants, and the achievement of other notable benchmarks.

Altra has been prominently featured in the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg and Business Week, among others.

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