BlueGreen Water Technologies

Spreading Awareness of Toxic Algae Fighting Solutions


Secured over 2.7 billion organic media impressions worldwide

Ad equivalency value of over $27 million

“The Pollack Group provided BlueGreen with high-quality PR services during its first US market penetration efforts. The team who led our local activities, were responsible for a regular aggressive market outreach, presenting the company and its activities to numerous media outlets across the country and beyond.”

CEO, BlueGreen Water Technologies

With average global temperatures rising, cyanobacteria, a toxic algae epidemic in bodies of water, spread exponentially worldwide. While previous “solutions” such as skimming exercises have proved increasingly ineffective, Israeli-startup BlueGreen Water Technologies, Ltd. (“BlueGreen”) had a groundbreaking solution. Its patented algaecide, which floats on the surface of the water can trigger a ‘suicide’ reaction in the harmful algal bloom and therefore eliminate the toxic algae. The company recognized that the timing was right to bring its product, LakeGuard, to greater market awareness and enlisted The Pollack Group for support.

The Pollack Team leveraged a two-pronged media relations strategy. First, the agency promoted BlueGreen’s successful treatments of lakes – including market entries in the United States and South Africa – in addition to algaecide deployments in Israel, China, and Russia. In addition, the agency launched a proactive newsjacking strategy to offer BlueGreen CEO and Co-founder Eyal Harel as an expert to provide context as news outlets reported on local toxic algae blooms. During this expert commentary, Harel would highlight the root causes of the bloom, and highlight LakeGuard’s unique differentiation as the only product that could successfully stop blooms without harming the rest of the aquatic ecosystem.

Throughout the startup’s more than 3 years working with The Pollack Group team, the agency’s media relations efforts have resulted in more 570 pieces of coverage, totaling more than 2.67 billion impressions worldwide, with an equivalent ad value of over $27 million for the client.

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