City of West Hollywood

Media Training For The City of West Hollywood


Conducted multi-day media trainings for dozens of city staff

Message and media trained all city council-members

“Great training today! I really enjoyed it and especially appreciated the insight regarding diagnosing the interview. Thanks again for the insights.”

PIO, City of West Hollywood

Located in the heart of metropolitan Los Angeles, at 1.9 square miles, the City of West Hollywood is like no other city in the world. No other city of its size has had a greater impact on the national progressive policy agenda and local officials are highly sought-after for media commentary on a variety of issues.

West Hollywood has a Council-Manager form of government, with five elected members of the City Council. The City’s communications team recognized the importance of providing all key staff with a foundational education on media relations, so the agency was tasked with developing a multi-day ‘Media Training 101’ presentation and program. Officials, including the mayor, went through a series of training sessions designed to help them communicate more effectively with the media.

The feedback from the City was immensely positive, as nearly all the participants said they felt more confident in dealing with reporters.

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