Jam City

Bringing Mobile Gaming into the Mainstream


Corporate and product news featured in ScreenRant, The Hollywood Reporter, Forbes, and VentureBeat

Election Day media coverage featured in Variety, Pocket Gamer and Marketing Dive

Over 660.9 million media impressions

“A big thank you, for such a great job on the Voting Event yesterday. Anyone that was there would give it an A+. It’s not often that you plan an event that: Does good for our larger community, re-affirms company values, promotes democracy within our country, shines a light on the importance of exercising our right to vote, strengthens corporate culture, and promotes the Jam City brand! To accomplish all of those goals (and more) in one event is very rare. So a HUGE thank you to all of your creative ideation and execution, and tireless work to pull this off. It’s what Jam City is truly all about.”

CEO, Jam City

Mobile entertainment studio Jam City leads mobile app stores and puts out the highest quality games in the marketplace, utilizing some of the industry’s best creative talent. We worked to use Jam City as a vanguard of the new mobile trend cresting into the mainstream with game properties that are raking in just as much money as Hollywood movies.

The agency’s work with Jam City positioned them as a leader in the space by promoting their high-profile entertainment licenses with companies like Disney and Warner Brothers while lifting their executives’ voices as significant innovators in the space, marrying big data and high tech with high-quality production.

Jam City was featured in significant mainstream and entertainment outlets like ScreenRant and The Hollywood Reporter and business press from outlets like Forbes and VentureBeat. The agency helped promote Jam City’s corporate values by organizing and promoting Jam City’s HQ as a voting center, bringing in dozens of broadcast, online, and print media to cover the event.

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