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In my experience, it’s the personal relationship we built with Pollack. They got to know our business very well as well as our working styles, and they were very respectful of our key selling seasons. They walked a nice line between being too overbearing and trying to shift our focus off our business priorities while simultaneously driving our PR goals forward.

Their commitment to learning our data, our business, and how we work made them a particularly good partner for me. I trusted them to know what we were doing at any given time. I also love the fact that they are able to carry the torch for us in times when our business was busier than usual so that’s a different level of trust besides knowing all of our data.

They knew how we wanted to be perceived by the public and portrayed in national media. And they can easily adjust depending on the time of year or the nature of opportunities that were out on the PR front.

Marketing Director, Numerator”

Every Holiday Season, the retail space is littered with circulars, web ads, commercials and sponsored content, all claiming to have door busters, bundles and the ‘best deals’ of the season.

Market Track, the leading provider of market intelligence solutions, had a wealth of untapped data that was able to determine how these competing retailers, products and brands were being advertised, priced and promoted both in-store and online. The agency was able to leverage Market Track’s data and expert commentary to position them as a thought-leader and expert source in the retail space both during the holiday shopping season and during other key retail events such as back-to-school, Halloween and Amazon’s Prime Day.

As a result, the agency was able to secure coverage in Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and Associated Press, as well as trade coverage in eMarketer Magazine, Advertising Age, Retail TouchPoints, just to name a few.

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