An Influencer Program Helps a Startup Become an Industry Leader


Secured placement on the Inc. 500 list

Media attention led to being named “Internet and New Media Company of the Year” by the Technology Council of Southern California

“The Pollack Group first-rate public relations agency who Are capable of giving companies of diverse backgrounds and needs direct, candid and productive PR counsel. My colleagues and I have been continually impressed with the team’s clear thinking and proactive methods. They approach PR with the ultimate objective in mind, allowing thier clients to stay out of the tactical “weeds” and keeping efforts correctly focused. They work extremely well with the media and obviously has made solid relationships with reporters and editors.I would encourage any company that needs to build relationships with media, influencers, and other important publics to consider The Pollack Group.”

VP Marketing, Oversee

Developing a corporate image program for, a marketing network company, presented two unique challenges. First, we needed to manage its reputation as it moved from small startup to the next level of expansion. Second, we needed to position the company as a leader in the emerging, yet little understood, domain industry.

We developed an industry white paper that established Oversee as a thought leader and the company with which “domainers” want to do business. A media campaign targeted influencers, investors and customers, highlighting Oversee’s proprietary technology prowess and establishing it as a “go to” marketing tool to monetize sites. Oversee was named to the Inc. 500 and also named “Internet and New Media Company of the Year” by the Technology Council of Southern California.

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