Santa Monica Pier

Celebrating An Iconic Landmark


Generated over 3 million social media impressions from video campaigns

Secured over 400 million media impressions

“Thanks for all the great work you did on the Santa Monica Pier Centennial. I think all involved with the celebration were impressed by Pollack’s professionalism, energy and dedication to spreading the word about our plans. I knew when I first selected you to handle the Book Launch and Centennial Reveal that you are a group that I would continue to work with, and I am glad the Centennial PR Committee choose you to handle PR for the the Celebration. I would be delighted to have you again part of my team when future events warrant, wherever they take place. Thanks for everything.”

Santa Monica Pier Centennial Producer

The Santa Monica Pier, the West Coast’s last remaining pleasure pier, turned 100 years old. Its rich history conjured up nostalgia of a bygone era. When called upon to awaken memories, our agency brought it all back by engaging the surrounding community as well as national and international tourists as part of the celebration.

We launched a nationwide online and offline media blitz focusing on the iconic pier’s legacy and its value for future generations, as well on a series of celebratory events such as the SideShow at the Pier, Schools Out!, La Monica Ballroom Redux and Centennial Day, to gain exposure and get a myriad of stories out about the pier.

Social media outreach alone netted an estimated 3 million impressions plus 400 million media impressions.

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