Positioning a FinTech Startup as the Key to Fighting Global Financial Crime

The challenge we solved: VeraDAT was founded by world-renowned compliance and legal experts, including the former Chief Compliance Officer of BBVA México, to help financial institutions combat fraud, money laundering, and terrorist financing. The Mexico City-based fintech startup was preparing to launch its platform and needed to win the support of financial authorities and banking guilds around the world, enterprise companies who may be interested in acquisition, media, and influential figures across business, finance, and technology who support adopting data-sharing platform technologies. It tasked the agency with developing compelling messaging and positioning framework that conveyed the benefits of a complex subject and technology that ensured the new solution hit the market running.

Creating a compelling case for purchase: Currently, financial institutions have only partial access to each client’s background. This allows criminals to exploit existing gaps in the financial system and use multiple institutions within or across jurisdictions to commit crimes while staying anonymous. Through VeraDAT, institutions can spot bad actors previously identified by other members of the network and immediately receive alerts when one of their existing clients is added to another member’s watchlist. By accentuating the business risks, and how these could be minimized, our message framework created compelling reasons for adoption.

The business payoff: By simplifying the key messages and identifying VeraDAT’s ultimate value proposition, the company has successfully launched a pilot program with Mexico’s top four banks and is forecasting reaching profitability sooner than planned.

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