Transforming Mobility with Zeen, An Elevating Walker Chair by Exokinetics


Agency support led to 6% Instagram growth

Featured in Techstination,, and more

Exokinetics, the visionary force behind Zeen, partnered with The Pollack Group (TPG) to raise awareness of its innovative mobility device that revolutionizes the lives of individuals facing mobility challenges due to age, injury, or medical conditions. Zeen, referred to by the Patent Office as an ‘Elevating Walker Chair,’ offers a breakthrough solution for enhancing mobility and restoring a sense of independence.

Devised by the renowned inventor of the Steadicam®, Garrett Brown, in conjunction with Exokinetics, Zeen represents a paradigm shift in mobility technology. Catering to the needs of those dealing with age-related challenges or medical limitations, Zeen employs pioneering zero-gravity technology. This innovation delicately supports an individual’s body weight from beneath, enabling natural-paced movement without fatigue, while keeping hands and arms unencumbered.

To make sure this innovation would resonate within Exokinetics’ target market, TPG conducted an audit of Exokinetics materials and Zeen information to craft a message matrix to use as a guide for talking points and written materials. The agency then leveraged media relations to highlight the Zeen invention story with a focus on Garrett’s background as a master inventor and highlighted how current users’ lives have improved since receiving their Zeens. The agency also highlighted Exokinetics’ activity at Abilities Expo-Miami, as well as Zeen’s Series B funding.

TPG secured coverage in Techstination,, The Bulletin, and Philadelphia Business Journal, among others. The agency’s efforts on Zeen’s social media channels resulted in 6% Instagram growth rate.

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