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By The Pollack Group

Advanced Symbolics, Inc. (ASI), a Canada-based artificial intelligence (AI) driven market research company, has retained The Pollack PR Marketing Group (PPMG) to raise awareness for ASI’s leading AI based-market research in the U.S.

ASI uses AI to accurately predict human behavior for use in market and behavioral research. Its patented AI, named “Polly,” uses publicly available online information to create representative samples of any population or target audiences. Without asking any direct questions, Polly tracks and interprets how people in the sample feel toward a topic, along with their intentions. Polly is typically tasked with scenario testing, message testing, topic discovery, ad tracking, sales forecasting and brand health.

Polly has a track record of accurately predicting elections and referendums, including the 2015 Canadian Federal Election, BREXIT 2016, U.S. 2016 Federal Election and the 2019 Canadian Federal Election, as well as working with large brands and consumer product companies and leading trade associations.

“ASI is disrupting and improving traditional market research. Its artificial intelligence-driven market research, Polly, provides businesses with customized insights and clear answers to their most important questions,” said Stefan Pollack, president of The Pollack PR Marketing Group. “Our work will help showcase how ASI’s Polly AI is simple, cost-effective, and is one of the most accurate market research instruments on the market today.”

“ASI’s research projects are proven to be incredibly accurate and can capture information and handle large amounts of data as well as can scale to any configuration in 48-72 hours. Once set up, Polly can answer any question asked of it in about an hour,” added Pollack. “Polly is an incredible breakthrough artificial intelligence tool, based on a patented method of building representative samples.”

“ASI chose The Pollack PR Marketing Group because of its existing strong ties to media companies that need insightful data immediately,” said Erin Kelly, Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Symbolics, Inc. “Together, we are committed to ensuring that Polly provides its American media partners with exclusive information about consumer demand and public opinion that no one else will have.”