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By The Pollack Group

BlueGreen Water Technologies, Ltd. (BlueGreen), a global cleantech company dedicated to solving the global epidemic of harmful algal blooms in drinking water, recreational, and agricultural waterbodies, has retained The Pollack PR Marketing Group (PPMG) to raise awareness for the company’s innovative rapid solutions.
BlueGreen is committed to treating all bodies of water contaminated with cyanobacterial toxic blooms, also known as “blue green algae,” which harm the environment and pose a serious health threat to humans and animals.

The company’s groundbreaking technology, Lake Guard™ has been successfully deployed in thousands of commercial applications around the world where it has demonstrated a rapid reduction of toxic species’ levels in the water accompanied by a clear improvement in the water’s overall biological condition.

“BlueGreen has developed a proven technology that has already been successfully deployed in the U.S. Lake Guard creates, within a very short time, the conditions for a long-term healing effect by selectively eliminating the dominance of toxic species in the water and recreating the conditions for beneficial algae to thrive in the ecosystem,” said Maayan Nave, BlueGreen’s Chief Marketing Officer.

“BlueGreen’s mission is to protect water, the essence of life, and to change the world for the better while doing so,” said Stefan Pollack, president of PPMG. “Our work will help amplify BlueGreen’s simple and economical technology and raise awareness for BlueGreen as it works to eliminate the toxic algae epidemic.”