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By The Pollack Group

There is something magical when a company knows, like really knows, it is on the cusp of becoming a household name. It has smart, visionary leaders; a team of employees who believe in its mission; a growing customer base; a path to sustainable profitability; and a well-defined value proposition that differentiates it from the competition.

Happy Wax has retained The Pollack Group at a pivotal moment in its brand’s history. The agency will lead corporate messaging and media relations efforts as Happy Wax works to further establish itself as a category-leading lifestyle brand – and yes, a household name.

“Happy Wax has an ambitious plan to expand our business nationally, and it was crucial to select the right partner to support our marketing efforts,” said Alessandra Pollare, marketing director at Bootstrap Brands. “We have great products and a great story, so customer awareness and education are top of mind for us. The Pollack Group’s credentials and deep experience working with consumer brands were a key factor in our decision to bring them on. But more than that, they’re not afraid to disagree or offer competing points of view, which is invaluable to the client relationship.”

Happy Wax, which manufactures, markets, and sells wax warmers and scented wax melts, already has a devoted, enthusiastic customer base, with lots of room to grow to multiple audience segments. Scented home products have enormous appeal, especially during the pandemic. Consumers are spending more money to upgrade their homes. Candles — burning, buying, and making them — and oil diffusers are an enormously popular sub-category of the current wellbeing movement that is part of the zeitgeist. This includes hobbies, retail products and services related to self-care, health and wellness, fitness, yoga, meditation, essential oils, DIY crafts and projects, and more. Scented products have crossover appeal to men and women, from teens through middle age.

“Simply put, companies and brands of all sizes turn to our agency to help them ‘find their why,’ which to me, is the only way to build a brand and create a lasting value philosophy,” explains Stefan Pollack, president, The Pollack Group. “When companies market their products and services strictly based on features and benefits, it creates opportunities for competitors to undercut them that can then turn into a pricing war that quickly commoditizes brands in a race to zero. With no clear value philosophy, consumers simply turn to the cheapest and most convenient offering.”