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By Jackie Liu

In December 2020, Medicevo, a company that makes face masks, launched its revolutionary Graphene Face Mask in the United States and Canada. The Pollack Group was retained to support the launch with ongoing media relations as well as a digital marketing campaign that included organic and paid social media and Google Ads.

For most consumer product launches, it is typical to allocate a substantial amount of time and budget for pre-launch content creation. By starting with a library of photos and videos, we could repurpose them and also populate digital channels. Over the course of several months, the agency’s LAB186 digital marketing and content production studio worked through the challenges of maintaining COVID-19 safety protocols, while also developing high-quality, engaging photos and videos for Medicevo. Here’s what we learned along the way.

You can stage a professional product shoot at home for approximately $150*

Brandon Buck, the agency’s digital practice lead, opted to shoot photos of the mask at home. We purchased two mannequin heads, nine photo paper roll backdrops, and a backdrop mount on Amazon, which resulted in a sleek, striking image and others used in our digital marketing. We leaned into the minimalist aesthetic, then added music and bold fonts to create a series of versatile videos.


*The cost does not include existing lighting sources or additional equipment.

Safety comes first.

We felt comfortable with shooting in person once we knew we could do the entire shoot outdoors and maintain six feet of distance. We kept the number of participants on-site to the bare minimum.

This video on Instagram portrays two men masked up, meeting for coffee at an outdoor café. In a stroke of luck, we cast two models who were roommates. We were able to shoot them, engaging safely without exposing them to new people outside their “pod.”

Even in a pandemic, content creation can still be aspirational.

We scouted locations in Downtown Los Angeles for the right backdrop. It was important to show the models wearing masks in various relatable circumstances, like preparing to travel again or returning to their office in downtown.

We sought out diverse models and trendsetters who possess enviable style to make the masks look cool, different, and fashionable. If you scroll through the brand’s Instagram account, you’ll see eye-catching flashes like a woman with tattoos and a shock of dyed yellow-orange hair or a man in a tailored suit flashing his Hublot watch.