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Coronavirus and influencer marketing: a return to our roots – The Drum

From a marketing view, there is one positive we can take away from this global pandemic, which is the opportunity for brands to cultivate lasting emotional connections with consumers. We are in a time when people need connection and are looking for information and content to navigate the current situation. Through influencer marketing, brands can return to trust and authenticity to create meaningful relationships with consumers.

Levi’s finds early success selling products on TikTok amid coronavirus – Business Insider

TikTok is no longer just for watching viral videos, users can now shop for new jeans. The video-sharing app is partnering with Levi’s to experiment with TikTok’s “Shop Now” feature, available to all 800 million global users. Levi’s was part of the app’s original beta test and found that the program more than double product page views, and users watched its videos twice as long as TikTok’s average platform. 

Source: Levi’s

Uber adds retail and personal package delivery services as COVID-19 reshapes its business – TechCrunch

This week, Uber announced two new types of services called Uber Direct and Uber Connect. The Direct feature is a delivery platform for retail items, while Connect is a peer-to-peer package delivery service to send goods to family and friends. The two services will open in select cities and will operate differently depending on the location of usage.

Is This The End Of ‘Progressive’ Brand Marketing? – WWD

During this time of coronavirus, consumers don’t have any tolerance for brands attempting to gain something from the pandemic. Companies that normally promote the “do good” responsibility, are falling to public fury as they manage the effects on their business due to the pandemic. The concept of “authenticity” in brand marketing now has to enter a more genuine phase as consumers’ patience for sales-driven altruism is hitting an all-time low.