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By Kalli Vetrano

There’s nothing more fear-inducing than putting your blood, sweat and tears into a public relations campaign for it to be met with resounding silence from the media. Instead of screaming at your internet provider (because that must clearly be the reason your inbox silence), let’s take a step back. Is it possible that your outdated PR tactics are the real villain?

Let’s take a look at formerly tried-and-true practices that should stay buried, as well as alternatives that can resurrect your efforts.

Ditch In-person News Conferences: While in-person news conferences were already on their way out a few years ago with the rise of products like Zoom that allowed for virtual gatherings, the pandemic was the final nail in their coffin. Unless you’re a government official, it is highly unlikely that reporters will show up in person if there’s a viable alternative.

Try Social Media Live Streams and Chats Instead: Rather than wrangling reporters to attend an in-person event, connect with them as well as your consumers through your social media channels and live streaming. Whether using YouTube or Instagram to reach the masses or other services like Zoom to reach a more controlled audience, you can utilize owned media channels in a way that encourages not only easy attendance but interactive participation.

Ditch Hard Copy Media Kits: While in-person news conferences are long gone, other in-person events like trade shows are coming back in full swing. That being said, no one ever likes lugging around papers and branded tchotchkes that eventually get lost or dumped in the trash.

Try Electronic Press Kits Instead: Save the trees and share important announcements and relevant media documents via email or cloud service. This is the best way to share and update information about your company or product.

Ditch Managing Your Own PR: While it’s true you know your business better than anyone, that does not mean you know the best way to spread the word about it. In a day and age where communication flows constantly and the news cycle is 24/7, trying to manage your own PR and run your business at the same time, is a major challenge.

Try Hiring a PR Agency Instead: The key to any good PR plan is effective and concise communications. PR professionals have mastered the art of crafting spells…I mean strategic messages and media relationships… that will elevate your brand voice and create sought-after awareness in a crowded, and oftentimes, unpredictable news cycle.

Ditch Ignoring Online/Social Media: Some people believe social media is self-serving and just a brand broadcast. They couldn’t be more wrong. Social media is about being just that: social. It’s a medium where consumers will talk about a brand, whether the brand is present or not, so forget hiring a psychic to tell you what your audience is thinking and hear it directly from the source.

Try Finding the Right Channel(s) for Your Voice Instead: The magic of social media is its power to connect you with key networks. Take advantage of the opportunity to connect and create authentic relationships through strategic and real conversations with your audience.

The main takeaway from these points? In order to stay relevant and produce successful media interaction for clients, you can’t be a ghost yourself. Evolve with current and future trends and your efforts will be as effective as a werewolf bite on a full moon.